Schenectady Mental Health Associates - Psychiatry & Counseling Services Across the Lifespan

Schenectady Mental Health Associates provides psychiatric and counseling services. Our mission is to help you achieve all of your treatment goals.

Diagnostic Categories Include:

- Depression & Major Depression
- Impulse Control Disorders
- Anger Management
                                                                                          - Bipolar Disorders
                                                                                          - Anxiety Disorders
                                                                                          - Schizophrenia Disorders
                                                                                          - Eating Disorders
                                                                                          - Learning Disorders
                                                                                          - Pervasive Developmental D/O                                                                                           - ADD & ADHD Disorders

* We also offer individual, couples, marital and family counseling

For intakes and referrals: (518) 374-0295 ext. 10

We take most insurance plans at our office and also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, personal checks and cash

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